UCityUnited was initially formed by a number of concerned UCity Citizens in response to the ill-conceived bond issues.  The Bond Issues were developed in secret by a committee put together by City Manager Lehman Walker consisting of Mayor Shelley Welsch, Councilman Steve Kraft, and just three citizens, Greg Pace, Ed Schmidt and John Solodar.  The committee met 4 times between roughly October of 2014 and December of 2014 to develop what would become Propositions S and P.  At no point was public input solicited, in fact not even the entire council was made aware of the this committee’s task of developing a bond issue.

As the campaign for the bond issues began, it became clear that citizens were extremely unhappy with how they came to be and the lack of public input.  Unlike our neighbors to the south in Clayton, UCity sought no citizen input prior to putting the tax increase proposals on the ballot.  They were defeated by a margin of almost 70% across the city.