What is known as the “Neighborhood to the World” logo was one of the Mayor’s goals to rebrand the city.  After spending $32,000, the logo which was essentially a plagiarized alteration of an original work, was unveiled to much criticism.  Shortly after it’s implementation, the UCity Arts and Letters Commission became aware that the logo had not been presented to the commission for approval.  The commission had a meeting to evaluate the new logo, and subsequently voted 10-1 against the logo.  The city council then voted 4-3 to reject the logo, and the signs which had already been made and paid for without the consent of the council were taken down.

After the newest member of “council clique” was elected in April 2014, the Mayor and City Manager asked the Art’s and Letter’s Commission again for feedback on the logo.  The City Manager then asked commission members to give feedback over email, a violation of the Sunshine Law as this constituted a meeting.  Nevertheless, the commission provided feedback by email, again rejecting the Neighborhood to the World Logo in July of last year.

Councilman Glickert requested a discussion and vote on the “Marketing of University City” at the October 27, 2015 council meeting agenda.  There was no public notice that Mr. Glickert was really proposing to implement the Neighborhood to the World logo.  The council majority ignored the input from the Arts and Letters Commission, and seemed to intentionally avoid public input though the careful language used on the agenda.